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International workshops on Special function December-2019


The 8th International Conference and 24th Annual Conference of Gwalior Academy of Mathematical Sciences (ICGAMS-2K19) on Mathematical and Computational Data Science with Application aims to bring together leading faculty, scientists, students & research scholars and Industry persons to exchange, share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Mathematical and Computer Data Science with Applications. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Mathematical and Computer Data Sciences.



GAMS was launched on 11 December, 1993 at Jiwaji University Gwalior and opened its membership in January 1994. Professor V. P. Saxena, Former Vice Chancellor of Jiwaji University, Gwalior the founder president along with researchers and faculty members of Gwalior region played a vital role in the establishment of GAMS with the twin objectives of inculcating interest in mathematics amongst the scholars of Gwalior region and promoting teaching and research activities in mathematical sciences. Since then it has been endeavoring towards upliftment of mathematics by publishing news bulletins and research journals and organizing annual conferences workshops and seminars in interdisciplinary areas. Annual conventions of the Society have been held at various NIT’s, Universities, other reputed engineering colleges in different parts of the country. GAMS has become a highly reputed society attracting large research community not only from India but also abroad. The society has gone a long way in promoting interdisciplinary research in sciences & engineering.


The Academic program of the conference will consist of Keynote, Plenary and Invited Talks and Paper Presentation in the following broad areas:

• Financial Mathematics

• Advanced Numerical Techniques

• Mathematical Biology (Ecology and Epidermiology, Bio-Heat and Mass Diffusion, Population Dynamics) 

• Differential Equations and Special Functions

• Computational Biology

• Algebra, Topology and Differential Geometry

• Computational Data Sciences

• Discrete Mathematics, Graph Theory and Networks

• Industrial Mathematics 

• Computational Physics

• Real, Functional and Complex Analysis

• Computational Chemistry

Apart from the above topics the papers are also invited on applications of Mathematics in Sciences, Engineering, Technology, Business, Agriculture, Life Science, Food, Energy, Environment, Pharmacology, Management, Crime, Security and Law, Research tutorials will also be organised.

Advisory Committee

Prof. Ravi P Agarwal, USA
Prof. Sumeet Dua, USA
Prof. Ravi Kulkarni, USA
Prof. Bal Swaroop Bhatt, West Indies
Prof. Yudong Zhang, UK
Prof. Pawan Lingras, Canada
Prof. J. Prakash, University of Botswana
Prof. T.J. Pedley, UK
Prof. Bob Schroter, London
Prof. A.M. Mathai, Canada
Prof. Roland Duduchava, Georgia
Prof. Hasan Ogul, Norway
Prof. Gyula OH Katona, Hungary
Prof. Yeliz Karala, Istanbul
Prof. Hira Narang, Tuskegee University
Prof. Lipo Wang, Singapore
Prof. Patrizio Arrigo, Geneva
Prof. Zafer Aslam, Turkey
Prof. Ebrahim Shivani, Iran
Prof. D. B. Gurung, Nepal
Prof. Kanhaiya Jha, Nepal
Prof. J.B. Shukla, IITK, India
Prof. M.A. Pathan, AMU, India
Prof. S. Sundar, IITM, India
Prof. Vinod P. Saxena, India
Prof. S.A. Katre, Pune Univ., India
Prof. Rattan K. Datta, India
Prof. Renu Jain, SOMAAS, India
Prof. K.R. Pardasani, MANIT, India
Prof. Neeru Adlakha, SVNIT, India
Prof. Nikita Agrawal, ISSER, Bhopal
Prof. V.H. Pradhan, SVNIT, India
Prof. R.C. Singh Chandel, DVP, India
Prof. R.N. Tripathi, HBTUK, India
Prof. Amit Parikh, Gujarat, INDIA
Prof. Jagdish Chand Bansal, Delhi, India
Prof. Manju Agrawal, Lucknow, India
Prof. M. Khanday, Kahmir, India
Prof. Ranjit Upadhyay, IITISM, India
Prof. L.P. Singh, IIT BHU, India
Prof. K. Sreenadh, IIT Delhi, India
Prof. Joydeep Dhar, IIITM, India
Prof. Karmeshu, India
Prof. G. Pandya, IITKGP, India
Dr. Gulshan Wadhwa, DBT, India
Prof. Peeyush Chandra, IITK, India
Prof. B.V. Rathish Kumar, IITK, India
Prof. R.K. Yadav , JNV University, India
Prof. Ramchandra P., VIT Vellore, India
Prof. B. Rushi Kumar, VIT Vellore, India
Prof. C. Vijaylakshmi, VIT Chennai, India
Prof. S. Srinivas, VIT A.P. India
Prof. K.P. Singh, IIIT Allahbad

Organising Secretary & Convener

Dr. Mamta Agrawal

Joint organising Seceratery

Dr. Avirup Das

Dr. Sandip Mal

Organizing Committee

Dr. Anant Kant Shukla
Dr. Reena Jain
Dr. Rabia Musheer
Dr. Neha Choubey
Dr. Manoj Acharya
Dr. Tushar Choudhary
Dr. Kanchan Lata Kashyap
Dr. Sharad Chandra Tripathi
Dr. Harihara Padhy
Dr. Sumit Mittal
Dr. Boudhayan Bandyopadhyay
Dr. Praveen Lalwani
Dr. Anirban Bhowmick
Dr. Shreerup Benerjee
Dr. Nella Anveshkumar


Prof. O P Agarwal
Prof. J N Gautam
Prof. D C Tiwari
Prof. Anand Mishra
Prof. Neeraj Jain
Prof. Mahesh Prakash
Prof. U P Verma
Prof. S K Shrivastava
Prof. S K Gupta
Prof. R M Agrawal
Prof. Avinash Tiwari
Prof. Ashok K Jain
Prof. Rekha Bhadauria
Prof. I K Patro
Prof. Nalini Shrivastava
Prof. G B K S Prasad
Prof. Y K Jaiswal
Prof. Radha Tomar
Prof. S N Mohapatra
Prof. S K Singh
Prof. Suman Jain
Prof .R.G.Garg
Dr. S.D.Sisodia
Prof. J P Verma
Prof. R K Johar
Prof. H C Jain
Prof. A V Vinchurkar
Prof. K K Sharma
Prof.Poonam Sinha
Prof. B P S Jadon
Prof. Rajshree Mishra
Dr. Suneel Pathak
Dr. A C Pandey
Dr. D K Misra
Dr. Praveen Miri
Dr. P K Chaturvedi
Dr. Manoj Sharma
Dr. Kishan Sharma
Dr. D V S Kushwah
Dr. Santosh Sharma
Dr.Sanjay Ghai
Dr.Manisha Jain
Dr.Shobha Agrawal
Mr.Ashish Johari
Dr.Dinesh Singh



    Prof.J.B Shukla                                   Prof Vinod P. Saxena India                                           Prof. Renu Jain

    IIT kanpur, India                                   Ex Vice Chancellor Jiwaji                                Vice Chancellor DAVV Indore,

                                                                   University, Gwalior                                             India



After the submission of abstract/ paper for the conference, it will be sent for review. Acceptance will be given via mail to the candidate if his/her abstract/ paper is selected. After receiving the acceptance letter they have to register themselves with the required registration fee well in advance as per the conference schedule.
Registration fees is non-refundable. The registration fees include morning tea, conference lunches, evening tea/coffee for all three days, conference-dinner on December 14, 2019, & conference kit.
Note:Only registered full length paper will be sent for review and further processing.

Conference Registration Details

Registration Fee
Students & Scholars
    Before 31st Oct 2019           
 After 31st Oct 2019           
Before 31st Oct 2019          
 After 31st Oct 2019    
Indian Delegates   
₹ 3000/-
₹ 3500/-
₹ 1500/-
₹ 2000/-
Foreign Delegates 

* On spot Registration cost : Extra Rs 500/-

Workshop Registration Details

Registration Fee 
Students & Scholars
Before 31st Oct 2019
    Before 31st Oct 2019 
Indian Delegates
₹ 800/-
₹ 500/-
      Foreign Delegates   

School of Advanced Sciences

and Languages (SASL)
VIT Bhopal University, Sehore, M.P., INDIA -  466114


Organising Secretary & Convener,
Dr. Mamta Agrawal
Phone: : +91 9425027637